Introduced in 1965 in the United States, Hefty® has been committed to building a strong relationship with consumers as a trusted brand and household staple ever since. For over half a century, Hefty® has provided consumers with a strong and reliable solution for all their waste bag needs. Now Hefty® is proud to be bringing its brand of STRONG and ULTRA STRONG waste bags and its know-how on drawstring bags to Canada for the first time! With Strong Expandable Drawstrings that help resist breaks, Active Tear Resistant technology and ARM & HAMMER® Patented Odour Control Neutralizer, Hefty® is there for all your clean up needs, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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Does Hefty® have recycling or compostable waste bags?
Yes. Hefty® sells recycling bags with drawstrings and compostable waste bags.

How is the quality of your drawstring?
Hefty® is the pioneer of drawstrings in waste bags and has since been the expert. Hefty® has a specially formulated strong expandable drawstring that resists breaks. Our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Do Hefty® products contain PVC?
No. We don’t use any polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics in our products. Our products are made from polyethylene and don’t contain any plasticizers.

What sizes are Hefty® Waste Bags available in?

Hefty® ULTRA STRONG™ Garbage Bags with Drawstring

Fits 100L container
76 x 81 cm | 30 x 32 in
16 bags

Fits 100L container
76 x 81 cm | 30 x 32 in
MEGA PACK - 80 bags

Fits 121L container
83 x 97 cm | 32 x 38 in
12 bags

Hefty® Strong Garbage Bags with Easy Flaps

Fits 75L container
65 x 83 cm | 26 x 32 in
30 bags

Fits 77L container
76.2 x 82.5 cm | 30 x 32.4 in
20 bags

Hefty® ULTRA STRONG™ Kitchen Bags with Drawstring

Fits 50L container
61 x 64 cm | 24 x 25 in
28 bags

Fits 50L container
61 x 64 cm | 24 x 25 in
MEGA PACK - 120 bags

Hefty® STRONG Kitchen Bags with Easy Flaps

Fits 34L container
55 x 58 cm | 22 x 23 in
40 bags

Hefty® ULTRA STRONG™ Recycling Bags with Drawstring

Fits 50L container
61 x 64 cm | 24 x 25 in
28 bags

Hefty® STRONG™ Compostable Bags

Fits 10L container
41 x 43 cm | 16 x 17 in
25 bags

What sizes are Hefty®  ECOSAVE™ Tableware available in?

Hefty® ECOSAVE™ Dessert Plates

40 ct
17.1 cm • 6.75"
40 dessert plates

125 ct
17.1 cm • 6.75"
125 dessert plates

Hefty® ECOSAVE™ Luncheon Plates

40 ct
22.5 cm • 8.86"
40 luncheon plates

125 ct
22.5 cm • 8.86"
125 luncheon plates

Hefty® ECOSAVE™ Dinner Plates

40 ct
25.4 cm • 10"
40 dinner plates

125 ct
25.4 cm • 10"
125 dinner plates

Hefty® ECOSAVE™ Bowls

15 ct
355mL • 12oz
15 bowls

How can I submit feedback about my experience with Hefty® Waste Bags or ECOSAVE Tableware?
Consult our Contact Us page for more details about consumer feedback.

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